We use to read. A Lot.

Then comes the cable TV. The Astro. TGVs. Blue Ray DVDs and the list goes on. When we venture into a new business ie Business and Training Centre, there’re just too many things and knowledge need to be practiced.  The need to get inspired and motivated.  We dig through all the books in our collection. 

Yes, all the answers are there.  All we need to do is just pick up the book and re-read.  We want our clients, guests, partners, friends and family members to share the same passion we have in reading.  

That’s when Rent-A-Book was born.  

Due to limitation of space, we only display few main books at our BizCentre Library whilst others are display in wall cabinet. 

Do browse through our list of books for complete Rent-A-Book list.

Goodies Management,

Client & Guests

Come in.  Choose a book. Pay the rental fee plus the deposit of the book. Read. Return the book. And get back your deposit. Easy, right?

Pick a Book.
Gain Knowledge.
Be Inspired.
Knowledge is Power

Light Reader.  Heavy Reader. What matter the most is You Got the Knowledge from What you've Read.  Our philosophy is :

Read it Slow. Read it Fast. Read

 Click here for list of Rent-A-Book

Do not want your books anymore?

We'll help you
'Give' it to charity.

We've been approached numerous times by individuals whom wish to give away their books for charity but don't know how.  

Our management would like to do our bit for charity as well.  We'll help sell/rent books and the quarterly cash income will be distributed to charity.

Here is the Process: 

  • Drop your books
   at our bizcentre during office hours : Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm; Saturday 9am-1pm.
  • Our Librarian will inspect and refurbish the books to meet our rental/resale standard.  
  • Charity books Info will be key-in into our Library Data Entry.
  • Charity Books List will be displayed as "Charity Proceed".
  • All income (cash value) will be announced & distributed to charity organisation, 
    which will be selected by the management